METAPOR® Air Permeable Composites 

When appearance matters, choose METAPOR®.

When the look says it all, Portec METAPOR® offers significant design flexibility on highly cosmetic or transparent parts without the unsightly look of drilled vacuum holes or surface imperfections. It also allows for the machining of intricate part detail to enhance appearance.

BF 100 AL Standard Grade
Commonly used with PS, ABS, PVC, PET and PE. Its upper operating temperature limit is 212 degrees F (100 degrees C).

HD 100 AL High Density Grade
Recommended for applications where the surface characteristics of the finished part are critical. Also recommended for use with acrylics and in twin-sheet applications.

HD 210 AL High Temperature/High Density Grade
Used with PS, ABS, PVC, PET and PE. Also suitable for processing higher temperature polymers such as PC or Acrylic. Its upper operating temperature limit is 410 degrees F (210 degrees C).

METAPOR® CE 100 White
An extremely fine porous material with a white non-reflexive surface and is easily workable. It has proven to be very useful in silicon-wafer production, also due to its strong surface hardness and precision milling capability.

This material has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We recommend Metapor CE100 as an alternative.




Examples of the thermoforming applications available using our METAPOR Air Permeable Products.

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